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  • Why You Should Recycle

Why You Should Recycle

Reusable Sustainable Face Masks with Filter Pocket

Why You Should Recycle

While this generation is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, sustainability is becoming a focus in the fashion industry. Sustainability has led to the rise of circular fashion which simply means minimizing waste and making the most of resources whether it is a belt bag or a pair of jeans, items can be repurposed or upcycled.  In a time where shopping is as easy as swiping right, we're all about reusable cotton face masks and a bag that can be used everyday, anywhere.

At Simple Satch, we believe that by working together to raise awareness and promote recycling we can help improve the waste management problem our country faces everyday, one face mask at a time!  Along with our partner at Givz, we are teaming up with like-minded environmentally conscious brands dedicated to encouraging recycling and fighting climate change.  Because giving back and recycling will never go out of style...  

On November 15th, donate 10% of your purchase on to Keep America Beautiful, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring and educating people in the community to take action, end littering, recycle and beautify communities.  After checkout, enter Keep America Beautiful in the charity search engine to donate 10% of your purchase!  Make a change but in a stylish way. 

Simple Satch encourages recycling of all boxes with a cute "recycle me" reminder on the side of our mailers. Corrugated boxes often get recycled into new boxes.  Here's a fun fact we learned from Keep America Beautiful, every day United States paper-makers recycle enough paper to fill a 15-mile long train of boxcars. Can you picture this? While we're thinking of ways to decrease our carbon footprint, we'd like to encourage you to join us.  

Here are five impacts of recycling:

1. Saves energy and resources. Creating new materials like plastic, aluminum and glass takes a lot of energy and resources to produce. For example, glass is created by melting sand and other natural elements at very high temperatures.  It take a lot of energy to create this heat. By recycling glass bottles, we conserve the energy that it would take to produce a new glass bottle.  

2. Reduces landfills. Less waste means less landfills. Landfills are bad for the environment because as waste is broken down, methane is released. Methane is a green-house gas that harms the ozone layer is emitted from bacteria breaking down the waste.  In other words, the more garbage we create, the larger the landfill and the more methane is produced. 

3. Prevents pollution. Recycling reduces pollution by repurposing since processing new synthetic materials like plastic creates greenhouse gases. 

4. Repurposes garbage. When garbage is recycled, it can be made into something new. Kind of like repurposing an amazing vintage t-shirt, you know?

5. Creates new jobs. As the recycling industry grows, so does the opportunity for new jobs.  

If you'd like to learn more about how to properly recycle, go to Keep America Beautiful.